Hi, I’m Camille.

Call me Cami. I grew up in Northern NJ and I still live in the area. I’m an artist at heart and my abstract sort of thinking has lead me in many different directions over the years (x-ray technician, house flipper, drapery designer, etc. etc. etc.) but what has always remained steadfast is my love of, and knack for, interior design.

You could say it came from my mom. I was only 8 when she bought an entire set of Danish Modern furniture in real Walnut and then spray painted it glossy black. She finished it off with handmade upholstery covers. They were black & white Hound’s-tooth with a bold red accent fabric that had a cool, nubby texture. This is how I grew up.

Over the years, my love of mid-century design has become somewhat of an obsession. I dig and search…and hunt and browse…and of course buy! And that’s why I started this blog. So, I can share all the amazing things I find. And when I say “all”, I mean everything from fabric and dishes to chandeliers and clocks to artwork and rugs. There’s nothing that’s not worth a look.

Today, when I’m not at an estate sale or bidding on eBay, I’m a mom, a health and fitness fanatic and a business owner. My husband and I design, make and install high-end window treatments. Everything from handmade velvet draperies to motorized blackout shades. It satisfies my insatiable need to design, create and work with my hands. And it pays the bills… so I can continue with my mid-century madness!

Thanks so much for visiting. Come back soon.

Instagram: camilleperronerosenberg